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Major Party Candidates Have Slight Differences In Views On Environmental Issues

Karen Kasler
Mike DeWine (R) and Richard Cordray (D)

The candidates for governor haven’t talked much about environmental issues such as fracking and the state’s renewable energy standards for utilities. But it appears their stances on those issues are somewhat similar.

State lawmakers are still deciding whether to make the green energy standards created in 2008 into voluntary goals – which Gov. John Kasich opposes.

Republican Mike DeWine said the state needs a balanced energy plan, including nuclear power. “We have our nuclear plans but go down the pathway of wind and solar. I want us to continue to be a state that is progressive in that area,” said DeWine.

But Democrat Richard Cordray said he wants lawmakers to embrace the standards because the country and the world are moving toward green energy, which is good for the economy and the planet. “We already have, I think, over 100,000 jobs in Ohio and clean renewable energy – even though the legislature has been backing away from this,” Cordray said.

Both candidates also say they support fracking because of benefits to the eastern Ohio economy, but that it has to be carefully regulated.

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