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National Leaders Campaign For Ohio Candidates Going Up To Election Day

As the campaigns for statewide offices, the Ohio legislature, US Congress and the US Senate come into the final weekend before election day, candidates are getting a little help from their out of state friends. 

President Trump will be making his fourth visit to Ohio during the past three months when he appears in Cleveland on Monday. Vice President Pence has come to Ohio, as has South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, to get supporters to go to the polls Tuesday. But Democratic candidates are getting help from their star power friends too.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will return to Ohio tomorrow….Athens and Columbus to be exact. Her visit comes on the heels of former Vice President Joe Biden, who made his rounds through the state earlier this week. And President Obama appeared in Cleveland with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray and others in September.

At this point, Obama isn’t scheduled to return to Ohio before Election Day but with polls showing most of the statewide races are tight, that could change.

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