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Some Ohio Lawmakers Want President Trump To Get The Nobel Peace Prize. Here's Why.

Statehouse News Bureau
President Trump campaigns in Ohio in 2016

Some state lawmakers think President Trump should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize next year. And there’s a resolution in the Ohio Legislature to help make that happen.

Republican Representative John Becker is one of ten lawmakers who have signed onto a resolution that urges the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the 2019 Peace Prize to President Donald Trump.

“Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize when he hadn’t even taken office yet and did absolutely nothing," Becker says.

In fact, the Nobel Committee named Obama the Peace Prize winner in October, 2009, nine months into his presidency.

Becker says Trump has taken actions to bring peace to the Korean peninsula and has taken actions against Iran that make the world safer – though satellite images suggest new North Korean missile bases, and new sanctions on Iran were imposed last week. In awarding Obama the prize in 2009, the Nobel committee cited his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy, achieve unity and his vision for a world without nuclear weapons.  

This story has been amended to note that Rep. Becker’s statement was not factually accurate.

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