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Senate Approves Comprehensive Review Process For Occupational Licenses

Ohio Senate
Andy Chow
Ohio Senate

State lawmakers have now sent to the governor a bill, SB255, to review every occupational license required in Ohio. The legislation requires the General Assembly to scrutinize each licensure process before deciding whether or not it should be renewed.

Supporters of this overhaul say licenses could be creating too many hoops for professionals to jump through in order for people to work. If the General Assembly decides to not take action on a given license then it would expire.

The Buckeye Institute's Greg Lawson says these licenses act like permission slips for hundreds of  jobs.

“It’s important because occupational licensing is a barrier to entry for people particularly folks who are at the lower end of the economic ladder. It’s harder for them to get licenses than it is for other people,” says Lawson.

Opponents say there are many occupations that must be licensed to ensure public safety, such as engineering.

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