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How Should Ohio's Schools Handle Requests By Students To Bring Medical Marijuana?

Teri Verbickis,

Ohio law says medical marijuana can be used to treat specific conditions in children. But what happens when those kids need to take a dose of it while they are attending school? The answer is unclear.

The chief legal counsel for the Ohio School Boards Association says some administrators have been asking about how to handle students who request to bring medical marijuana to school. But Sara Clark says, right now, her group’s response to these “what if” questions is ask your lawyer.

“We are encouraging them to work with their board counsel. A lot of these questions are going to be done on a case by case basis, based on the individual needs of the students," Clark says.

Clark says the fact that marijuana is illegal under federal law is a consideration since schools receive federal funding. She says some states have added clearer laws for schools but, at this point, the OSBA is not asking the legislature to do that.

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