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Gov. DeWine Says He Intends To Pay Himself Back For Loans He Made To His Campaign

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (Republican)
Jo Ingles
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (Republican)

Last year’s campaign for governor was the most expensive in Ohio history, with the two major party candidates raising more than $43 million. Gov. Mike DeWine loaned his campaign $4 million. He has not forgiven that loan and could now pay himself back from campaign funds.

When asked at an Ohio Associated Press forum whether he plans to pay himself back, DeWine cracked a joke but no one laughed.

“You can ask my wife if she’d like to have the money paid back," DeWine jokes.

DeWine went on to say his campaign would pay off its other debts and then get to him.

“This is not like this has not happened before. We’ve done it before. Many candidates have done it before," DeWine says.

While it’s a perfectly legal and commonly used practice, some good government groups often question it, saying it allows wealthier candidates unfair advantages and say the mere optics of it do not look good. 

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