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Workers' Compensation Requests More Investment In Safety, Wellness Programs

Andy Chow
BWC Administrator Stephanie McCloud testifies before the Ohio House Insurance committee.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is requesting an increase in its budget, saying it’s crucial to encouraging safety and wellness among workers while keeping employer rates down. 

Ohio BWC is requesting a $644 million biennial budget, an increase of nearly 9%.

BWC Administrator Stephanie McCloud told the Ohio House Insurance committee its programs help keep workers safe and healthy, which keeps premiums down.

“BWC employer rates are well below the national average we are hoping that by 2020 to be near or within the 10 lowest in the country,” says McCloud.

The BWC has also given back $2.3 billion in rebates in the past two years. McCloud says that’s based on good market investments and not due to over-collecting on premiums.

Some Republicans said they’re interested in adding reforms recommended by pro-business groups, such as the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

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