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Yost Joins Two Federal Court Cases Dealing With Gun Regulations

Dave Yost
Andy Chow
Attorney General Dave Yost

The state has joined two briefings filed with the U.S. Supreme Court on cases dealing with gun ownership and regulations. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says one of the legal fights is about protecting the country from setting a dangerous precedent related to constitutional rights.

Ohio is among 23 states fighting a law in New Jersey that requires a gunowner to prove a justifiable need to carry a firearm outside of their residence.

Yost likens this to a threat on any other constitutional right.

“Can you imagine needing to go to the government and prove that you needed to have freedom of press or you needed freedom to worship at a particular place it’s absolutely absurd,” says Yost.

Ohio is also joining a court fight that disputes what Yost calls an overly burdensome ammunition “microstamping” regulation in California.

Yost recently said he doesn’t want Ohio jumping into court cases where judges end up making decisions on high-profile political issues. He says this is different because the courts should weigh-in on questions of constitutionality.

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