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Gov. DeWine's Plan To Focus On Health Of Families Is Getting Good Reviews

Gov. DeWine's public health team
Andy Chow
Gov. DeWine's public health team

In his State of the State speech, Gov. Mike DeWine said he will have a team of cabinet members dedicated to dealing with public health including opioid abuse, mental health services and the health of families. And that idea is getting good reviews right now.

DeWine’s OhioSTART program would provide what are called wraparound services - meeting multiple physical, mental and behavioral health needs of patients and families affected by drug abuse.  Denise Robinson with the Columbus based treatment organization, Alvis House, is thrilled to hear it.

“That’s how you complete a person. That’s how you get a person well.  You can’t just do a part of a service. You’ve got to do the whole thing," Robinson said.

But Robinson says she knows the services will be expensive. DeWine started the program when he was serving as attorney general and the current A.G., Dave Yost, says his office will continue part of it. DeWine is expected to lay out specific funding plans in his budget next week.

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