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Mike DeWine Proposes $90M For Home Visitation Programs

Andy Chow
Gov. Mike DeWine signed an executive order as part of his first acts of duty in office to create a study committee on home visitations.

Gov. Mike DeWine wants to more than double the funds for home visitation programs to help curb Ohio's dismal infant mortality rate and develop at-risk children's mental, physical, and behavioral health.

The report from DeWine’s home visitation committee recommends making race and ethnicity foundational elements in infant mortality efforts, creating a central point for the intake and data of these programs, and expanding eligibility for families. 

DeWine says he’ll put $50 million more into an existing home visitation program into his budget, which comes out next week.

And he’s also proposing a public-private partnership called Pay For Success, a pilot program to triple participation in home visitation. 

DeWine wants to put $40 million toward these programs, which he says are also essential in preparing at-risk children for school.

Home visitations help families of children from birth to kindergarten, with social workers and medical professionals looking out for the child’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

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