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Mike DeWine Signs First Bill As Governor, Avoiding Possible Gun Ban

Dan Konik
Gov. Mike DeWine signs bill to change what lawmakers deemed to be an oversight in last year’s self-defense gun bill.";

For his first bill as governor, Mike DeWine signed a measure that corrects what lawmakers believed to be an oversight in last year’s self-defense gun bill. An oversight that could’ve resulted in banning shotguns and rifles, such as AR-15’s. 

After a topsy turvy lame duck session last year, the so called “Stand Your Ground” bill went through several changes, including removing the “Stand Your Ground” language. But it passed with what gun rights groups say was an error that could be translated as a gun ban.

DeWine commended the legislature for moving the correction bill quickly.

“This is a reaffirmation of the Second Amendment, as you know the original bill created some problems so this is affirming…Second Amendment,” DeWine says.

Republican lawmakers say they still want to revisit the “Stand Your Ground” issue.

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