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New Report Identifies Changes To Improve Ohio's Environment, Benefit Farmers And Help Foodbanks

Copy of the Ohio Smart Agriculture report
Jo Ingles
Copy of the Ohio Smart Agriculture report

A new report generated from a coalition of farmers, environmentalists, and food pantry organizers says Ohio needs to make changes to its existing policies on food. They say it will create more jobs, reduce hunger and improve the quality of air and water. 


Lisa Hamler Fugitt with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks says the report outlines ways to be environmentally friendly while also creating jobs and helping provide food for Ohio’s low-income citizens. For example, she says Ohio needs food processing companies.

“So much of the food that is produced here has to be shipped out of state to process and then shipped back into the state," Hamler Fugitt says.

Hamler Fugitt says the goal of the report is to get lawmakers, industry leaders, and consumers to start looking at problems in a bigger way to provide more than one solution.

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