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Ohio Agencies Are Ordered To Put All Of Their Data On One Internet Platform

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has signed an executive order that sets up a new information sharing platform for state agencies. Here's why.

Lt. Gov. and Innovate Ohio Director Jon Husted says the executive order will put all of the state’s agencies on one computer network and allow agencies to access each other’s information all in one place.

“It does give us the ability to show if the money we are investing actually works. That’s what these analytic tools will allow us to do in ways we’ve never been able to do it before. And, in the end, it will build people’s confidence in the work that we do and will allow us to provide better services to them," Husted says.

Husted expects the move will save money and will make government more efficient for Ohioans when they do business with the state. 

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