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House Committee Passes Budget With Rare Unanimous Vote

Daniel Konik

The House will vote on its version of the state budget Thursday, after the first unanimous committee vote in more than a decade. Lawmakers increased an income tax cut they had proposed last week – eliminating taxes for anyone making under $22,000 and cutting taxes at all other levels by 6.6 percent.  

Chair Rep. Scott Oelslager (R-North Canton) was pleased with the vote.

“I think we shown the world that both parties can get together and work constructively. I wish all the kids in every high school in the state could have been watching," Oelslager said.

The plan also changes a deduction for small businesses which had been allowed to take the first quarter million dollars in income tax-free, dropping that to the first $100,000 in income.

The last time a budget passed a House committee unanimously was in 2007.

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