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Gov. DeWine Asks Federal Government For Help For Tornado Victims

Gov. DeWine and others tour tornado damage
Jason Reynolds, WYSO
Gov. DeWine and others tour tornado damage

Gov. Mike DeWine is requesting help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for ten counties that suffered damage from the tornadoes that ripped through Ohio earlier this week. 

One person died in Tuesday’s storms. But DeWine, who toured the damage with his wife Fran, said it could have been worse.

“We saw them first from the air but then when we got down on the ground and looked at those homes, you know if I didn’t know anything and just saw the homes, I would have assumed there were a lot more people killed," DeWine said.

DeWine credited the media for getting the word out and to the people affected who heeded that warning. DeWine said he wants the feds to come in next week to do a survey of the damage and figure out what national resources might be available to help people rebuild their lives.

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