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Ohio Leaders Watching 2020 Dem Debates Closely


The Ohio Republican Party said the Democrats vying for the White House expressed far-left ideas and characterized their policies as socialist after watching the two rounds of presidential debates.

Ohio’s RNC spokesperson Mandi Merritt said the candidates focusing on President Donald Trump is a losing strategy.

“These 2020 candidates are going to try and outflank each other from the left or they’ll resort to attacking President Trump’s record of success and both of these are moves that are not going to work,” said Merritt.

But U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown disputes that assessment of Trump’s record and says the candidates need to find a mix of calling out the president while putting out their own ideas.

“I think you make contrast between what Democrats will do and what the special interest Republicans, including President Trump, have done,” Brown said.

The next Democratic debate will be held at the end of July.

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