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The Legal Lowdown On Fireworks In Ohio

Ohio’s laws on fireworks can be confusing. You can legally buy products in Ohio that you cannot legally use here. Lawmakers have debated bills to change that but, so far, they haven’t made it through the full legislative process. Here's the lowdown on what’s legal and what’s not.

You can buy the big boom fireworks in Ohio, but you cannot detonate them here. They have to leave the state within 48 hours after they are purchased, but you no longer have to fill out a form promising to take them out of Ohio.

“The only items that can legally be purchased by the public and used in Ohio are what is called the trick and novelty fireworks," explained Brian Bohnert with the Ohio Fire Marshall's office. "So anything that smokes, snaps, snakes or sparkles."

Bohnert says if you want to see the big booms, attend a public fireworks display.

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