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Big Money In Battle Over Nuclear Bailout Before It Even Goes Before Voters

The drive to halt the new law that bails out Ohio’s two nuclear power plants and put it before voters next year is running up against a high profile blitz to shut it down. Each side is estimated to be spending at least $3 million – to gather signatures, or on ads and fliers.

Gene Pierce speaks for Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts and is trying to overturn the law. He takes issue with the flier supporters of the bailout have sent out – trying to connect his side to Chinese banks with loans to natural gas plants.

“This on the brochure, it says, if you see a circulator call this hotline. I mean that's a straight out of the KGB - rat on your neighbors,” Pierce said.

Carlo LoParo is with the pro-bailout group Ohioans For Energy Security, and he says highlighting the China connection is important.

“Whether it's trade, whether it's bringing fentanyl to the United States, and now whether it's pouring their money into these energy projects specifically in Ohio.”

Neither side is required to disclose who’s funding them, though Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts will have to do so 30 days after it files its petitions, which are due October 21.

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