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Householder Criticizes Senate For Not Moving Faster On Priority Bills

House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) with Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina)
Andy Chow
House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) with Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina)

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) is throwing shots at the Ohio Senate, claiming they're taking too much time to pass bills that are priority issues in the House. Householder says his fellow Republicans in the Senate need to pick up the pace on issues that could help Ohioans.

The Ohio House has 14 priority bills, addressing issues like criminal justice reform and workforce development. But 11 of those bills await action from the Senate. 

"They all have a purpose, they all have a reason, they're very important to the House and frankly they're very important to the governor so we'd like to see them move," says Householder.

This year the legislature has seen a lot of time and attention go into the transportation budget and operating budget. However, Householder believes the Senate is moving slower than usual on these House priority bills.

"It would've been abnormal just a few years ago, maybe this is the new normal, I hope not," Householder says.

But Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) defends the work his chamber.

"I think that this chamber is frankly one of the hardest working legislative chambers anywhere in the country. I believe there's probably a miscommunication in the House," Obhof says.

For example, Obhof says they were ready to hold a vote on HB2, but the bill's sponsor wanted them to hold off in order to consider possible amendments. HB2 creates what's known as the TechCred program which helps workers earn a certificate or other industry-recognized credential.

Of the Senate's 10 priority bills, six are sitting in House committees. Those bills address issues like tax credits and health care plans.

House Priority Bills (Update: 11/14/19)

  • HB1 - Intervention In Lieu Of Conviction, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB2 - Credential Assistance Program, Status: Awaits Governor's Signature
  • HB3 - Aisha's Law, Status: House Committee
  • HB4 - Workforce Credentials, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB5 - Public Defender Loan Repayment, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB6 - Clean Air Program*, Status: Passed and Signed by Governor
  • HB7 - H2Ohio Program, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB8 - Foster Caregivers, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB9 - Credit Transfer, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB10 - Office of Drug Policy, Status: Awaits Full Senate Vote
  • HB11 - Tobacco Cessation - Prenatal Care, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB12 - Children's Behavioral Health Network, Status: Senate Committee
  • HB13 - Residential Broadband, Status: House Committee
  • HB14 - Kinship Care, Status: Senate Committee

Senate Priority Bills

  • SB1 - Reduce Regulatory Restrictions, Status: House Committee
  • SB2 - Statewide Watershed Planning, Status: House Committee
  • SB3 - Drug Sentencing Reform, Status: Senate Committee
  • SB4 - School Facilities Assistance, Status: Rolled into Operating Budget
  • SB5 - Promoting Prostitution Penalties, Status: Awaits Governor's Signature
  • SB6 - Temporary Child Hosting, Status: House Committee
  • SB7 - Temp State Occupational Licenses, Status: Conference Committee
  • SB8 - Tax Credits - Ohio Opportunity Zone, Status: House Committee
  • SB9 - Health Plan Claim Information, Status: House Committee
  • SB10 - Theft In Office Penalties, Status: House Committee

*HB6 originally intended to create the "Ohio Clean Air Program"before going through several changes and revisions. In the end, it bailed out nuclear power plants, subsidized coal power plants, rolled back renewable energy standards, and eliminated energy efficiency requirements.

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