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Light-hearted Road Signs Display Serious Messages

If you’ve driven Ohio’s roads lately, you’ve probably noticed the big signs with cheeky sayings directed at drivers. Here's why you are likely to see more of them in the future. 

One sign reminds drivers life is “fra-gee-lay (fragile),” a reference to the movie, “A Christmas Story.” Another tells drivers to stay in the right lane unless passing because Santa needs the left lane. The Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation, Jack Marchbanks, says there’s a simple reason for these signs. 

“It might seem flip but we have found that tying these messages to pop culture references make people remember them," Marchbanks says. 

Marchbanks says that's important because the goal is to get people to change behavior that is dangerous to themselves and others.

“We are seeking to influence behavior, to make people realize that driving distracted is totally unacceptable. You have one job when you are in your car and that is to drive your vehicle safely," Marchbanks says.

A survey?conducted by the Federal Highway Administration found that more than half?of all?respondents said messages like these caused them to change their driving. Traffic accidents are up in Ohio this year so Marchbanks says the message boards will focus on urging drivers to drive sober without distractions. 

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