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Sandusky Prosecutor Suspended In Response To Yost Complaint

Attorney General Dave Yost gestures at a news conference last week.
Karen Kasler
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

A Sandusky County judge has suspended the county's embattled prosecutor Tim Braun after Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a complaint to remove Braun from office based on his admission of negligent assault in the workplace.

A state investigation alleges that Braun committed a number of inappropriate actions in office such as groping female subordinates and conducting a criminal investigation in order to obtain private cell phone records of female subordinates.

"Frankly, under this man's leadership, that prosecutor's office has no credibility," Yost says.

Yost filed a complaint in Sandusky Countycourt saying Braun's plea, along with the results of the investigation, prove that he should be removed from office due to what Yost called "physical and psychological abuse."

The court filing begins the procedure to remove a public officer set by Ohio law. It also says Gov. Mike DeWine backs the request.

Yost says Braun cannot and should not be trusted with the authority of a prosecutor's office saying he has lost the ability to advocate for women meaningfully.

"How can any woman who feels that she's been the victim of an assault, of a sexual assault, of a hostile work environment, possibly feel that she's going to have her case fairly considered in the office of a prosecutor who's been convicted of the same kind of conduct," says Braun.

Braun did not respond to a request for comment.

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