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House Leader Says It's Ok To Disagree On Some Bills

House Speaker Larry Householder speaks to reporters
Dan Konik
House Speaker Larry Householder speaks to reporters

The Ohio House and Senate have had different approaches and ideas on key pieces of legislation during the past year. And while that’s occasionally caused some tension, the leader of the House says that’s ok.

When it comes to some bills involving abortion, school funding and sports betting, the two chambers are not on the same page right now, even though Republicans lead both of them.

“You know we are all tied together here. We have good days and bad days. That’s what this is all about," House Speaker Larry Householder says.

But says it's ok for the House and Senate to disagree on legislation.

“This isn’t supposed to be one big Kumbayah campground singalong. We work really hard and they work really hard and we are both passionate about the things they believe in and at the end of the day, we try to resolve our issues," Householder says.

Householder says the two chambers usually come to good agreements. The budget passed last summer is one example where both chambers strongly supported their own views of how it should look but after debate and a 17-day interim budget, the two sides came together to pass it.

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