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Gov. DeWine Says Sports Betting Is Coming To Ohio Even If Bills To Pass It Are Not Moving

Sarymikakov Andrey,

March Madness is right around the corner and Ohioans will be constructing brackets to bet on their favorite teams. But Ohio, unlike some other states, does not have sports betting. Ohio’s Governor says he’s convinced betting on sports will be a reality in the buckeye state soon.

There are two bipartisan bills that would allow sports betting in Ohio but neither have had hearings since November. Still, DeWine says he expects something will pass soon.

“I think sports betting is coming to Ohio. I think the question is, ‘how do we regulate it?,'" DeWine says.

The sticking points on the bills include whether the Ohio Lottery or the Casino Control Commission will be in charge, whether betting will be allowed or restricted on college sports and how it will operate online. DeWine says he wants lawmakers to address security issues if apps are involved, wants concerns of university sports leaders addressed and wants a robust program for treating compulsive gamblers as part of any bill that passes the legislature.

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