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Ohio Using AI To Cut Potential Red Tape

Andy Chow
Lt. Gov. Jon Husted with Gov. Mike DeWine

The state of Ohio is going high-tech to weed out what could be considered overly burdensome government rules. An agency is using an artificial intelligence program to sift through hundreds of thousands of regulations.

The AI program will sort and analyze data collected from every page of Ohio's laws and administrative code. Staff will then go through the data to determine redundancies and outdated rules.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (R-Ohio) says this will streamline a job that would take humans months or years to accomplish.

"Ohio has been writing laws and regulations for over 200 years and nobody has really gone in and cleaned out all of the clutter," says Husted.

This is a project through the Ohio Common Sense Initiative which is designed to cut down on regulations. 

Husted says the cost is capped at $1.2 million but is expected to cost less and end up saving money in the long run.

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