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Bill To Protect Motorcyclists From Hearing Loss Is On Its Way To The Governor


It's now up to Gov. Mike DeWine to decide whether to sign a bill passed by the Ohio Legislature that would allow motorcyclists to wear earplugs while driving their bikes.

Up to now, motorcyclists have not been allowed to wear earplugs. Republican Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) says that’s because drivers need to be able to hear emergency sirens and other important sounds. But he says scientific evidence doesn’t support that.

“The decibels at which a motorcycle operates and the wind blowing past your ears primarily operate, those often times can cause some severe hearing damage to people," McColley says.

The bill would allow motorcyclists to wear hearing protection but would prohibit them from playing music or other noise through the earbuds. The legislation easily passed with strong bipartisan support. 

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