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Thousands Of Voters Wait In Line On Last Weekend Day To Vote

Thousands of voters came out around the state to cast ballots in person on the final weekend of early voting.

Among them were Deniesha Newby, Catalina Reasoner, Alex Cornwell, Courtney Skaggs and Kenny Jackson, all in line at the Franklin County Board of Elections. Some said they planned to early vote all along, and others cited concerns about coronavirus.

Voters were greeted by workers wearing plastic gloves, and were offered gloves and hand sanitizer. Workers attempted to keep voters at a distance from each other, but with 130 machines in one room, it was a challenge. Some voters came out to vote wearing masks.

Franklin County Board of Elections Director Ed Leonard wouldn’t comment on whether there was a shortage of poll workers, but he did stress that they’re always looking for more of them. Poll workers can sign up here.

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