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Ohio National Guard Leading State's Capacity Build Up Plans

The Ohio Channel
Major General John Harris, Ohio Adjutant General

The Ohio National Guard is working with public health leaders all around the state in what they say is a coordinated effort to prepare for the peak of the coronavirus.

Ohio Adjutant General John Harris says people will start to see uniformed National Guard service members doing work in their communities.

"You're going to see servicemembers in uniform, in your community doing things in increasing numbers here in the very near future," says Harris

It's part of an integrated strategy in eight regions to build up hospital capacity for the peak of the coronavirus, which is expected to require two to three times the space and resources Ohio has now.

Harris says they're also helping coordinate, with different hospitals, treatment strategies involving vital medical equipment.

"Not only for maximum efficiency but making sure we've got the right stuff, in the right place, at the right time," says Harris.

Along with space and hospital beds, the eight regions are also working on building up enough personal protection equipment for nurses and doctors.

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