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Ohio Businesses Tell Lawmakers They Need To Reopen Now

Online meeting of the task force
Online meeting of the task force

Small business leaders throughout the state are telling a House panel looking at how to lift Ohio’s Stay Home order they need to allow businesses to open now. 


Cincinnati-area diner owner Dale Hipsley told lawmakers on the panel he’s lost 90% of business at his two restaurants since he had to close them to dine-in guests last month. He said if he can't reopen his businesses soon, there won't be any left to open. Hipsley said he feels there’s no reason businesses like his cannot open if they pay attention to safe distancing and disinfecting surfaces. 


“Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton have done a masterful job of scaring the dickens out of people. As we consider reopening, it’s time for the tone and manner of our leaders to be a balance of encouragement tempered with prudence. The conveyance of abject fear needs to stop," Hipsley said.


DeWine said he wants businesses to reopen as soon as possible. He said there’s a plan in the works, and that there must be some changes to protect customers and employees so coronavirus cases won’t surge out of control.

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