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Protest For Changes In Schools

After more than a week of protests in Ohio cities that have spread to college campuses and smaller communities, protestors are taking their messages against racism and police brutality to individual movers and shakers. Here’s the latest from a demonstration in Columbus.

Kanyinsola Oye is one of the protestors who stood in front of the home of Columbus City Schools Board President, demanding the district get rid of the city’s police officers in schools.

“CPD does not increase the amount of safety but instead it causes an increased amount of fear in the lives of students, especially black and brown students," Oye says.

Jennifer Adair
Jennifer Adair

Columbus School Board President Jennifer Adair said she welcomes that conversation.

“This is the time to talk about it and talk about it as a community, to get people around the table – parents, students, teachers, the police themselves," Adair says.

Protestors say money spent on police in schools could be better spent on more counselors and social workers.

In a written statement, the Columbus Police Department says "We do not want to impose on the school system if we are not welcome. The priority for Columbus Police is always safety first. That includes the safety of students and staff."


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