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Ohio Sees Large Increase In Daily Reported COVID-19 Cases

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine
Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) and First Lady Fran DeWine

The state health department is reporting the highest daily increase in total COVID-19 cases in Ohio since April. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) says they're seeing what he calls a "worrisome" increase among a certain demographic.

The amount of COVID-19 cases in a 24 hour span jumped up by 892 confirmed and probable cases. The average daily increase over the past is 494.

DeWine says a majority of the new cases are people between the ages of 20- to 49-years-old.

The governor is urging Ohioans to practice social distance, wash hands, and wear a mask. He says more stringent requirements might be enforced in areas seeing flare ups.

"We're going to continue to stay in touch with what we're seeing -- potential problem areas or problem areas -- we're gonna work with local officials and in conjunction with them make decisions on what else needs to be done," says DeWine.

Watch: Gov. Mike DeWine announces the latest COVID-19 numbers

DeWine says the state is trying to combat the spike in cases by continuing to increase testing. However, he says he does not believe the increased testing is the cause for the increase in reported cases. DeWine points to a trending increase in hospitalizations and ICU admissions as another indicator that the state is seeing a spike.

On Thursday, the 858 confirmed cases reported to the state was a large jump from the 596 confirmed cases reported on Wednesday.

The state's health experts say the large increases are likely not connected to any one large event, but instead different smaller gatherings.

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