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Face Masks And Coverings Are Widely Available In Ohio

Cities throughout Ohio are starting to require people to wear masks or face coverings in public spaces. And Ohioans are working to make sure masks are available to everyone who needs them.

Most of the new laws require face coverings. That can be a scarf or bandanna pulled up over your nose and mouth. You can satisfy that requirement by wearing a clear shield over your face. Stores throughout Ohio sell disposable face masks as well as those that can be washed and re-used.

A group of Columbus area ladies called Sew Ohio has made and donated thousands of masks to public organizations that serve low-income citizens. Similar sewing groups are doing the same in other areas of the state.

And companies throughout Ohio that normally sell t-shirts and other promotional materials are also making masks. Zachary Traxler owns Traxler Printing. He says wearing masks is a good idea.

“To be selfless and put a piece of fabric over your face while you go shopping for 15 minutes goes a million miles for somebody.”

People who cannot wear face coverings because of health issues are exempt form some local mask mandates. And Gov. Mike DeWine, who has recommended students wear face masks when they return to school this fall, says administrators need to make sure children who cannot wear face coverings should not be bullied or ridiculed for not wearing them.

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