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Planned Parenthood To Use Telehealth To Provide Some Of Its Services

pamphlets from a Planned Parenthood
Dan Konik
pamphlets from a Planned Parenthood

Many of Ohio’s doctors are already using telehealth to connect to their patients, especially during this pandemic. Now, Planned Parenthood says it is going to do the same thing for some of its services.

Laurel Powell with Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio says the group will be using telehealth to help Ohioans with birth control and other services. She says this will be especially helpful to Ohioans who live in rural areas.

“We can reach folks who might have to drive, 15, 30, 45 minutes to get to a Planned Parenthood Health Center or just a health provider that can give them the care that they need," Powell says.

Powell notes Ohio lawmakers have made attempts to limit abortion access via telehealth but none have passed into law yet.

Editor's note: This story has been changed to make it clear that attempts to pass limits on abortion via telehealth have not been passed into law.

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