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Many Ohio Teachers Are Apprehensive About Going Back To School

Sherise Thompson, Teacher, Hilliard City Schools
Jo Ingles
Sherise Thompson, Teacher, Hilliard City Schools

As school districts unveil their plans for resuming school this fall, some teachers are anxious about returning to their classrooms. 

Hilliard City Schools teacher Sherise Thompson sums it up this way.

“I’m scared. I know there’s still a fatality rate and I think that we shouldn’t be going back to school when there are so many unknowns," Thompson says.

The president of the Ohio Education Association, Scott DiMauro, says he’s hearing from a lot of teachers who worry about the safety of going back in the classroom right now. Still, schools are under pressure to come up with plans to resume classes. Most districts are coming up with plans that allow them to switch to online learning if and when the coronavirus situation worsens.

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