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State Seeks To Build Up PPE Supply With Grant Program

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks, gloves, goggles
Natalie Zinardi/Shutterstock

The state is pumping millions of dollars into the production of more person protective equipment to help people prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (R-Ohio) says will also help Ohio's economic recovery.

Ohio is making $20 million available for manufacturers to build up the supply of personal protection equipment, of PPE.

The money will help companies convert their operations to create things like sanitizing products, masks, physical dividers, and thermometers.

Husted says the grant program will also create hundreds of new jobs.

"This is an important part of the economic development strategy that helps support the health strategy that helps keep Ohio open for business and people employed," says Husted.

There are68 companies in the Ohio set to receive grant money, with an average award of $294,000. Husted says the program will help create 829 new jobs and retain 1,333 existing jobs.

The lack of PPE was partially the reason given for closing businesses down in March, the state pushed for businesses to donate unused PPE to health care professionals. 

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