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Major Teachers' Union Says Many Schools In Ohio Should Be Online Only This Fall

Dan Konik

The state’s largest teachers’ union says schools in areas where coronavirus poses a threat should plan to start online this fall. 

The Ohio Education Association’s Scott DiMauro says the group asked teachers about going back to in-person classes next month. And nearly 7 out of 10 say they don’t think schools can re-open safely.

“If you don’t have clear protections in place, that could be a disaster," DiMauro says.

DiMauro says school should be conducted online in red and purple counties on the state’s public health advisory system alert map. He says in person school could take place in yellow and orange counties as long as all federal requirements are met.  

Many school districts throughout Ohio say they intend to begin school in the classroom if possible but will go to remote learning if coronavirus outbreaks make it unsafe to hold school in person. Others, like Columbus City Schools, intend to hold school online for at least the first quarter of the traditional school year.

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