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Ohio Pharmacy Board Reverses Decision On Hydroxychloroquine

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The state pharmacy board changed its decision to ban the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) called for a more thorough investigation into the drug.

DeWine says Ohio's pharmacy board should have held a full hearing before ruling that hydroxychloroquine cannot be used to treat the coronavirus.  

"I believe that their process at arriving at this original decision was fundamentally flawed," says DeWine. 

DeWine says he doesn't have a position on the drug, but says the pharmacy and medical boards should examine the issue closer and allow for people to provide input. 

An FDA official has said using the drug should be between a doctor and their patient. It’s a reversal from June, when the FDA revoked permission to use the drug for COVID-19 treatment.

Studies are still being conducted to determine the drug's effectiveness in fighting COVID-19 and the possible side effects. 

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