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Bill Would Require Ohio Lawmakers Who Are Convicted Of A Crime While In Office To Make Restitution

Larry Householder leaving federal court after arraignment
Andy Chow
Larry Householder leaving federal court after arraignment

While Ohio House members removed former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder from his leadership post amid a public corruption investigation into his activities, he remains an active member of the general assembly. Now, some of his colleagues are now pushing a bill that could make him pay restitution for his salary if he’s convicted of the bribery and racketeering charges levied against him.

Democratic Representative Jeff Crossman (D-Parma) says Householder should have resigned or been removed after his recent indictment. But since that didn’t happen, Crossman says his bill could force the former speaker to pay up.

“But if he is convicted of these public corruption charges, he should be forced to reimburse taxpayers for all of the salary and benefits he has received since his indictment," Crossman says.

Crossman says his bill, co-sponsored by fellow Democrat Gil Blair (D-Weathersfield) could be passed during the lame duck session and apply to Householder’s case with an emergency clause. The legislation would also prevent lawmakers from being sworn into their seat after an election if they are under indictment for a criminal case.

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