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Kathleen Clyde To Be Featured As 'Rising Star' At DNC

Kathleen Clyde
"The State of Ohio"
Kathleen Clyde, Portage County commissioner and former state lawmaker

A county commissioner and former state lawmaker is set to take center stage during tonight's virtual Democratic National Convention. Kathleen Clyde, of Portage County, will be featured as one of the party's "Rising Stars."

Clyde will be among 17 prominent figures highlighted during the DNC, designated as a "rising star" with other leaders such as former Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams and U.S. Congressman Conor Lamb (D-Pennsylvania). 

Clyde, who ran for Ohio Secretary of State in 2018, says this lineup at the DNC puts a spotlight on new leaders and the ideas they stand for. 

"This is about the future of the party and how much Joe Biden is invested in young leaders and in growing and promoting our bench across the country including here in battleground Ohio," says Clyde. 

Clyde says the people of her county, which voted for Barack Obama twice before voting for Donald Trump, are now disillusioned with Trump's leadership. 

She says presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be appealing to voters because, "He fought for the auto recovery which is in stark contrast right now to what President Trump represents to this region."

However, Trump supporters defend the president saying he had a good economic record before the pandemic hit.

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