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Ohio COVID-19 Case Numbers Spike As Colleges Reopen, Test

Gov. Mike DeWine speaks in his daily press briefing on April 30. Five days later he announced budget cuts of $775 million.
Office of Gov. Mike DeWine
Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio)

The state of Ohio is reporting the highest jump in new daily COVID-19 cases since July. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) says one contributing factors is the reopening of colleges and the mass testing that's done there on campus.

DeWine says the jump in cases is a "stark reminder" that the coronavirus is not going away. Although the increase is partly due to cases reported on college campuses, DeWine says leaders at those universities have been doing a good job at preparing for the virus. 

DeWine was asked if he thinks the state will need to intervene if cases on campuses continue to increase. 

"They're all over this so I'm not sure it's going to be my decision it's going to be a decision being made by that school," says DeWine.  

DeWine says he's calling on students to recognize the responsibility they have in preventing the spread of the virus. 

"Let's hope that students at Ohio State, students at every other university or college in the state recognize that their ability to stay on campus, their ability to stay in class is solely, collectively within their own hands," DeWine says.

Hospitalizations and deaths have also been increasing over the last few days.  

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