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DNC Chair Says Ohio Is Key Battleground State For Democrats This Fall

Tom Perez, DNC Chair
Tom Perez, DNC Chair

Ohio didn’t experience the blue wave that many other states did in 2018. And with President Trump winning Ohio by eight points in 2016, some pundits say Ohio is no longer a swing state. But the chairman of the Democratic National Committee says the Buckeye State is important this year. 

DNC Chair Tom Perez says Ohio remains a key battleground state – and notes how Ohio’s Democratic Senator performed in his re-election two years ago. 

“I think Ohio is absolutely winnable. It’s dead heat territory right now and we are competing. I think about people like Sherrod Brown who has been so successful and I think Joe Biden has a very similar profile and pathway as Sherrod Brown in Ohio," Perez says.

Perez says the DNC is encouraging everyone to vote early, either in person or by mail.

"I think the most important thing every voter can do is to make a plan and make it early," Perez says.

Perez says casting ballots early gives voters time if there’s a mistake or the ballot doesn’t arrive. Ohioans can request for mail-in ballots now. The ballots will be mailed out in early October.

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