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DeWine Says He's Worried There Will Soon Be An Increase In Deaths From COVID-19

Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Health

State health leaders say COVID-19 infections are increasing in recent weeks when compared with the same time last month. And Gov. Mike DeWine warns that might translate into more deaths from the virus in the future. 

DeWine says COVID-19 cases are on the rise, with over a thousand confirmed cases every day for more than a week. But Ohio recorded 12 confirmed deaths Tuesday, with numbers in the single digits the three days before that. But DeWine says he’s worried about the death rates.

“They’re the lagging, lagging indicator so when you see these numbers as high as they are today, we may see those results in two, three, four weeks," DeWine says.

Hospitalization numbers are also gradually increasing. DeWine says he’s worried that people are letting their guards down by congregating with others and not wearing masks consistently. And he says that’s worrisome as the weather is getting colder and people will be spending more time inside.  

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