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Ohio Schools, Libraries Learn Good News From Tuesday's Vote

Karen Kasler

There was good news for two-thirds of the state’s public school districts that had tax levies or other money questions on Tuesday’s ballot. But there are some worries among school officials about the future.

67% of school money issues passed, including 84% of renewal school tax issues. But the overall passage rate is down from 73% a year ago, and concerning for schools facing rising pandemic-related costs.

And Jeff Chambers with the Ohio School Boards Association says there are some issues that passed within a margin that triggers an automatic recount.

“Gahanna-Jefferson City Schools is one of those. It passed by two votes this morning," Chambers said. "So the outcome of some of these levy issues is still not known."

The numbers were better for the state’s libraries. 94% of library money issues on the Ohio ballot Tuesday were approved.

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