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Ohio House Passes Bill Dealing With Disposition Of Fetal Remains

Legal abortion advocates rally at Ohio Statehouse
Jo Ingles
Legal abortion advocates rally at Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio House has passed, along party lines, another abortion bill. This one requires fetal remains from abortions be buried or cremated.

The bill, which has been under consideration for nearly two years, would require a woman having an abortion to fill out a form designating how to dispose of the fetal remains. If she doesn’t do that, it will be up to the abortion provider to decide whether to bury or cremate the remains and pay for it. The ACLU of Ohio’s Gary Daniels says the bill is unconstitutional.

“It’s just another method to harass abortion providers and patients," Daniels says.

Fetal remains from miscarriages would not be affected by the bill. Backers say the legislation will make sure fetal remains are treated humanely. Gov. Mike DeWine who, as attorney general, investigated how fetal remains from abortions were being handled after complaints from abortion opponents, is expected to sign the bill once the Ohio Senate agrees with changes the House made.

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