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Ohio's First Couple Gets COVID Vaccines

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and First Lady Fran DeWine got the first of their two Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine doses earlier today in Greene County, where they live. 

The DeWines got their shots from Dr. Kevin Sharrett at the Jamestown Health Center. Signups there started at noon yesterday. And by 12:20, Sharrett said all of the slots were full. 

“We are keeping a list of patients that are calling that need the vaccine. We are trying to put special emphasis on our oldest segment of the population and so far, we are thrilled that over 98% of our vaccines given have been to that population of 80 and over," Sharrett said.

Other medical facilities throughout the state are also keeping lists to help work in older Ohioans as they can.  Gov. DeWine is 74 years old and has asthma. This is the first week people over 70 have been eligible for the vaccine. 

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