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School Funding Reform Plan That Passed Last Year Is Back This Year

Jo Ingles

The new school funding bill is similar to the one that passed in the Ohio House last year but a few tweaks were made to it.

Democratic Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney (D-Cleveland) says the school funding overhaul that she and Republican Jamie Callendar (R-Concord) are sponsoring is basically the Cupp-Patterson plan that passed the Ohio House but not the Senate last year. 

“There was no substantive change. Any changes that have been made are just technical amendments to get at the original intent that got left out in the last General Assembly," Sweeney says.

The overhaul uses a 60-40 formula of property tax values and income to calculate a district’s state money. Sweeney says it’s hoped it will pass the House soon so Senators will have more time to consider it.  

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