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Could The School Year Be Extended? DeWine Calls For Plans To Help Students

Andy Chow

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is asking every school district in Ohio to come up with plans to elevate student success. DeWine says he wants a discussion between schools and communities on what can be done to help address issues students are facing during the pandemic.

DeWine says Ohio has access to $2 billion in federal funding to help schools come up with specific plans. These plans could include a variety of ideas such as extending the school year, longer school days, additional tutoring, and more mental health services. 

"We simply cannot fail these children each child in Ohio deserves the opportunity to live up to his or her, full God-given potential. And we cannot allow this pandemic to get in the way of their ability to flourish & to thrive," says DeWine. 

Watch: DeWine talks about the academic hurdles of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This comes as new assessments show a dip in student performance. DeWine has also put more than a billion dollars into wraparound services for at risk kids.

The plans must be submitted to the state by April 1. 

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