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What Happens To Extra Doses Of Vaccines That Go Unused?

Dan Konik

Gov. Mike DeWine says there are protocols in place to make sure no vaccines are wasted. And he says there have only been a couple of incidents where doses have been wasted. But some do go unused.

DeWine says every shot provider should have a list of people to call if they have extra vaccine at the end of the day. 

“And we’ve asked them to get that list from people who are in the eligible group," DeWine says.

Gov Mike DeWine
Credit Jo Ingles
Gov Mike DeWine

But DeWine says if they still have doses left over, they can vaccinate people outside of the eligible group. Beginning Thursday, Ohioans over 60 can get the vaccines as well as people with certain medical conditions and police, childcare workers and funeral directors. 

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