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Watchdog Group Calls For More Transparency When It Comes To Lobbyists Helping Candidates

Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio
The State of Ohio, Ohio Public TV
Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio

A good government group is highlighting an email shared among Gov. Mike DeWine’s fundraising staff as a reason to require more campaign finance disclosures – specifically for lobbyists. 

Catherine Turcer of Common Cause Ohio says the 2019 email about a weekly callfor DeWine’s fundraising team included eight registered lobbyists representing 124 clients. Nearly all had ties to energy companies or sports betting. And Turcer says nearly half a million dollars was raised for DeWine through events listed in just this one email. 

“What is really clear is big donors and strong lobbyists are able to get significant benefits for their clients," Turcer says. 

Turcer says candidates know who’s raising money for them, so voters should too. She says lobbyists should be required to reveal any support and coordination they provide in fundraising activities in reports filed with Ohio’s Legislative Inspector General.  

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