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DeWine Sends Compromise To State Leaders To Avoid Veto Override Of Contentious Bill

Gov. Mike DeWine
Jo Ingles
Gov. Mike DeWine

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says on Tuesday he’ll veto a bill that takes away authority from the governor and health departments, and gives more power to lawmakers who passed the measure. DeWine says if it becomes law, the public’s safety would be at risk. 

Ohio's legislative leaders have said they should have more say in health orders, and that they have the votes to override DeWine’s veto. But DeWine says the legislation would prevent local health departments from reacting quickly to keep dangerous infections from spreading out of control.

“This bill, if it became law, really does jeopardize the safety of Ohioans," DeWine says.

DeWine also says the bill is a “trial lawyer’s dream”, and said in a letter explaining his veto that he thinks it’s unconstitutional. DeWine said he’s proposed a compromise to lawmakers, but isn’t disclosing specifics.

DeWine wrote that letter to the chair of the House committee that passed the bill, detailing his concerns about it.

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