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New Order Requires Nursing Homes To Allow Visits In Most Cases

Nursing home in Washington CH
Jo Ingles
Nursing home in Washington CH

Currently in Ohio, nursing home visitors must schedule visits in advance, then must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the front door, sign in and wear masks. But there’s a new state order meant to ensure visitors are more common in those nursing facilities.  

Gov. Mike DeWine says the new order mandates nursing homes and assisted living facilities allow visits when there is not a COVID outbreak. 

“We are requiring the nursing homes and assisted living to have visitation whenever circumstances are met, the criteria is met," DeWine says.

DeWine says the order spells out that hugging is allowed between vaccinated people, visits can happen in resident’s rooms, and visits must be 30-minute minimum. The state is requiring vaccinated staff to be tested once per week, un-vaccinated staff tested twice a week. Vaccinations will continue to be offered to staff. Newly re-calculated death totals show around 38% of all COVID deaths in Ohio were in nursing homes.  

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